Me in 2012 when I was sick, and no one believed me.

I’m Terri and I want to help you get healthy.

Hello, I’m Terri, and I’m a Keto, Ketovore, Carnivore, low carb health coach.

Let me tell you how I got here.

My Story

All growing up, I was thin. Too thin. By too thin, I mean, I’m 5’8” and weighed 95 lbs. My high school counselor called my mom to tell her I was anorexic, to which my mom told her “no, you haven’t seen my food bill.” I used to eat, a lot. I could out eat the football team. I ate primarily meat. And no, I was not bulimic.

Fast forward to my early 20s and I decided to try to be healthier. This was the early 90s, and the belief was that vegetarianism/vegan was the healthiest. So, I tried to transition to vegetarian. I gained 60 lbs in one month. Yes, you read that right. I bloated horribly and just felt ill. Went back to my ‘unhealthy’ eating and lost 10 lbs in a couple weeks. I never did go back to the ultra thin, but I’ll never forget that experience.

Fast forward to 2012, I suddenly started to not feel well. It kept getting worse, and every time I ate, I would feel so nauseous that I couldn’t eat or I would start vomiting. One weekend, I had not been able to eat for more than 24 hours, so I went to the Urgent Care. They sent me to the ER because I had been vomiting blood. They saw a mass that was 5.5 cm in diameter and sent me to see an OB/GYN and a Gastroenterologist. I went in, took my mom with me, and the Physician’s Assistant attempted to tell me that there was nothing wrong and the pain and nausea I was feeling was in my head. My mom was not having any of it. Looked him right in the eye and said “You don’t understand, I saw my daughter give birth and not complain of the pain. If she says she’s in pain, there is something wrong.” Have to love moms, right? So, he ordered tests. The OB/GYN found nothing and stated it was probably a cyst that was no longer there.

I lost track of all the tests that they took. The final was a small camera that I had to swallow and it took two pictures a second as it traveled through my digestive system. I had to spend all day in the city (I live an hour away in a rural mountain community) so that I could return the technology that captured the pictures at the end of the day. The Gastroenterologist reviewed the pictures and told me that there was something truly wrong with my digestive tract and sent me to a specialist that could read the pictures and video more accurately.

I went to the specialist and she said my digestive system was fine and put me on an elimination diet. I was not allowed to eat anything, except six saltine crackers a day for 3 days. Then I was to add one food every few days to see how I reacted. So, my hubby, Robert, and I headed to the store for saltines. We were also instructed to note all the ingredients in the food to note if there were any similarities to food that I would start getting sick to. Robert has been reading up on food allergies and such and found out that a lot of people react to soy. Everything we were looking at had soy. We determined that we would be better off making our own bread, saltines, and so on. We found that I was able to eat again. I went to an allergist, who tested me for a soy allergy, to which I tested negative, however, he saw me react to soy after the test with an asthma attack and cramping. But because the tests themselves were negative, he could not declare me allergic.

Fast forward to 2019, I was not doing the best health wise. Keeping away from soy was harder and harder to do. Even eggs from chickens that had ingested soy was causing me to react. I had to have knee surgery just a couple of years before and my shoulder was next (had that surgery in 2020). On Christmas Eve, 2019, I woke up and could not move my legs. It took me about 30 minutes of massaging and moving my legs by hand to get them moving enough that I would walk, with furniture surfing, to the bathroom. Told Robert that I was going to start Keto that day.

I had heard about Keto from a friend of mine, who had had wonderful results with weight-loss, and when I looked into it, I had heard that it had some healing effects. I knew it would remove any soy from my diet, so I was determined to give it a go.

Within 3 months, I had lost about 30lbs and I had regained almost all my mobility. Then COVID hit. I over ate, too much fat, and far too many snacks. Gained about 20 lbs back, and some stiffness in my joints. April 2021, I participated in a challenge that was put out by the 2KrazyKetos. It was called the No Joke Challenge. In that month, I gained about 5 lbs, but lost about 19 inches. The next day, I taste tested a ‘Keto’ product for our store and then looked at the ingredients. It had a form of Vitamin E that had soy. Bloated immediately, asthma attack, pain. So, was a quick reminder that I have to check all ingredients. But, that challenge introduced me to APEX Training and Coach Bronson.

Robert convinced me to sign up with the APEX Functional Fitness Program and I’ve never regretted it. Check him out (Affiliate links):

At Home Beginner Program

At Home Functional Fitness Program

While going through the APEX training system, and talking with people in our local store that my family owns, and just seeing the wonderful community that is keto, it was put on my heart to become a certified Keto and Carnivore Coach. Right around that time, I received an email from Maria Emmerich’s newsletter with a sale on her coaching program. After discussing with Robert, we agreed, I needed to do this.

So, here I am, a certified coach and I am here to help you to get healthy. My focus is health and healing. Weight-loss is a wonderful side benefit. I ask that you trust the process, and know that we’re working together to improve your health.

What I do

So, what do I do, besides coaching?

I also work full time for AT&T in their IT Services Department. AT&T is my primary job and during working hours, is my priority. I will focus on you during my time away from my normal job, I promise.

I also volunteer at my local church and love working with the Pre-Teens each week.

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