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By request, I am holding group sessions at a deep discount. How deep?

  • In person, located at Thompson Hall in Anza (occasionally elsewhere, but will be announced at meetings with notice): Cost is $8. You can pay at this link or in person on the day of:
  • On ZoHo/recorded. I know that it is difficult for some to get to my area, but would still like to participate, or have to work and are unable to make it. For these folks, I will be meeting via ZoHo and I will record the session so that you can view it at your convenience. Cost is $5. You can pay at this Link:

What is included in these sessions? Learning about why and how to eat low carb, Keto, Keto-vore, and/or Carnivore. We will be there to support each other. While it is my job to be, as some would say, the Keto police, I am there to provide information and assistance to help you understand the ingredients and why they may or may not work. Everyone responds to different ingredients in a different way. Because of this, I will ask everyone in the group to be cognizant of others needs and abilities with this Way of Life (WOL).

Why the difference in price? The in person meetings, I will have the actual material and will be providing a sampling of food and need to cover my costs for that. Those that attend in person will have access to the recording afterwards, if they would like to review it in the future.

So let’s get this started! Our first meeting will be Saturday, May 14, 2022, at 12 noon (PT). We already have 3 people signed up through Facebook and a few more that are not on Facebook have expressed interest. At the first meeting, we’ll decide how often to meet and when/where.

Please note that due to county regulations, I am not allowed to cook at Thompson Hall. It is a reheat kitchen only. A couple of folks that are attending have offered up their homes for the cooking demonstrations and I will happily take them up on that, but also want to respect their privacy and their homes, so will limit those meetings.

Ok, Ladies and Gentleman. I am excited to be working with you, so LET’S GO!!!!!

Coach Terri

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