Closing out 2021: Focus on Health in 2022

My apologies that it has been must longer since my last post then I intended. December has been quite a busy month for me. That being said, let’s talk about the future.

Just the other day, I received my official certification badges as a Keto and Carnivore coach. I intend, once I save some money, to take the supplement course and receive my certification in supplements as well. With the official certification, I will now be working on coaching people officially. The new year is perfect for that, yes?

Help me, help you

So, with that, what do you want to see in a Health Coach? I intend to customize my program as much as possible to meet the individuals needs. Why am I doing that? It’s actually rather simple. I have weird allergies (some not so weird) and quirks. For example, I’m allergic to soy and all soy derivatives, allergic to tomatoes, intolerant to gluten, and I cannot handle shakes/meal replacements. So, my weight-loss is extremely slow, while by body heals, first. And that is my goal as a coach, is to help you heal first. The weight-loss is a nice side benefit.

How this all started for me

In case you haven’t read my about me, let me talk about why I need to heal. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when things started going downhill for me, but I’ll start when I was a Senior in High School. Suddenly, my chest and lungs hurt a lot and I was coughing a lot. My mom took me to the doctor and he said that it was just my chest muscles from having to carry such a heavy backpack. We tried to explain to him that I didn’t carry a backpack, but he didn’t understand that.


Fast forward 10 years and the pain in my chest was really bad. I went to the doctor and his back up (my doctor was on vacation) ordered x-rays. I received a call that I had Pleurisy. So, I went back into the doctor’s office and as he opened the door to my exam room, I coughed. He asked me “How long have you had Asthma?” I told him I didn’t. He told me I did, as that cough was a classic asthma honk. Hmmm, this was new.


Fast forward another 15 or so years, I was having a hard time eating. I was feeling sick every time I ate. It got to a point that I couldn’t eat, as I started vomiting up blood. They started taking tons of tests, everything came out negative. The final test was swallowing a small camera to follow my digestive track. Results? Everything was working fine. Because of this, the doctor suggested I try an elimination diet. First three days, I could only have 6 saltine crackers a day. She advised us to look at all the ingredients and note when I reacted. My husband realized quickly that everything had soy in it. We confirmed my sensitivity to soy when I had my first cracker. It had soy flour, and I reacted. I immediately started making all my own food. Baking my own bread, making my own peanut butter, and my own chocolate even.

Why I went Keto

Fast forward to the last 4 years. My joints and whole body have just been getting worse and worse and more and more pained. Still struggled with eat, psoriasis and eczema were getting worse. I was at a loss on what to do. Then, Dec. 24, 2019, I woke up and could not move my legs. I was able to finally get them moved enough to get up and to the restroom. I had heard about Keto from a friend and had been looking into it for months. That morning, that was it, I made the decision to give it a try. Initially, I was only going to do Keto for 6 months, until I healed my body. I quickly realized that I have a long way to go to heal my body. I’m still healing. I can feel the inflammation, though it is not as bad as it was, and my stomach will tell me when the animal that I’m eating has been fed soy. So, I have to be extremely careful.

That brings us to today. After seeing the improvement that Keto and Ketovore has provided me, I want to be able to help others achieve that goal. I want to help you heal.

So, how can I coach you?

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